Don’t miss any insights about your prospects! analyzes and uncovers unique signals about your prospects so you can effortlessly target your leads with relevant insights at the right time.

How it works

Define your perfect lead

Easily type in the signals your team looks for to find the perfect lead. Sit back while Loyee automatically researches and enriches your target account lists with the relevant information your teams need in order to find the perfect hook in minutes.

Get AI powered summary

Loyee provides clear, real time insights on your accounts which are gathered from analyzing open sources like webpages, job descriptions, LinkedIn, and articles in an easy-to-digest format so you can focus on the hottest accounts with the insights you need to close a deal.

Identify changes in your ICP

Loyee continuously analyzes your CRM to find key patterns and signals in your deal flow so you always know the signals that truly convert.

You're in good company

"Loyee helps my sales reps prioritize where to spend their time and nudges them into the right actions, saving me 8 hours per week digging for data."

Mallorie Maranda

VP of Sales

“Loyee came to the rescue - their seamlessly integrated lead prioritization saves me 15hrs a week and has significantly improved our SLA time.”

Deepika Karva

SDR Manager

​​"Loyee makes sure all my reps are kept accountable and hit their weekly targets - so I don’t need to micromanage and can focus on mentoring.”

Daniel Haberern

SDR Manager

Grow Revenue with Loyee

Get a leading edge on what accounts to go after and create hyper-targeted prospect lists to increase your conversion rates.


Explore now how Loyee can help you grow revenue quickly! 

Some FAQs

Can Loyee integrate with my existing sales tools?

Absolutely! We currently integrate with all major CRMs, Slack, Outreach, Salesloft, and various intent providers such as 6sense or G2. That being said, we work closely with our customers to build out the integrations they need.

Who can I contact if I have questions when using Loyee?

Our biggest priority is making sure our users always feel supported. We create a dedicated slack channel for each of our users where they can reach the team instantaneously. We also have our as a secondary measure, where all queries are responded to within 12 hours.

What is the technology behind Loyee?

Most of the magic is done behind the scene via our in-house proprietary Machine Learning algorithms. We also strongly leverage Large Language Models to improve our explainability and make our platform easy to use for our users.

Does Loyee synch with my CRM?

Yes and this is crucial! We synch the outcomes of our research with the wealth of data already residing in your CRM. This synergy yields a meticulously ranked list of leads, ensuring your reps always have their sights on the most promising prospects.

How do I get started with

We make the onboarding process extremely smooth and easy. Everything can be set up through the Loyee platform. However, our customer support team will implement individual onboarding needs. Contact us below to learn more!

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